libusb input support hits gok

I finally committed my libusb patch to gok. Horay! (Well, I shouldn’t celbrate too much, it did take a while :-| )

Ok, so here are the nitty gritty details: GOK now has a command line option, ‘–with-libusb-input=VID:PID’, which allows you to specify an input device VID/PID pair you would like to use with GOK. This device will be detached from the kernel input driver when GOK starts and will be used exclusively for the GOK pointer. This feature needs a bit of love to make things work more automatically but in the mean time you can find device configuration infromation in README.libusb. This feature currently only works with GNU/Linux. Also, to use the patch, you’ll need to compile GOK with ‘–enable-libusb-input’. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

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