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I’ve finished up my freelance gig with Openismus and I thought it would be a good time to post an update about Online Glom. I’ve been posting weekly status reports to the Glom mailing list but, in retrospect, I probably should have posted here a little more often. But, I’m posting here now so if you haven’t checked out Online Glom yet, now’s your chance:

I’ve made so much progress since my last post that I can’t list everything. Probably the two most important improvements are that the style from the mockups has been fully integrated and the details view is now working.
The Online Glom Details view page.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks ironing out visual and interaction kinks in both the list and details views. I’m pretty happy with how things are working now. I’ve also reworked the main Glom document selection page which looks much better than the previous version.
The Online Glom Document selection page.I’ll leave list view for people to checkout on their own.

I sort of wish I had posted a few screenshots from earlier versions so that it would be easy to compare. But you can just take my word for it – the current version is a huge improvement. :-)

The Online Glom project isn’t going to end because my engagement with Openismus has finished. Murray Cumming is planning take over as lead developer and I expect he’ll post updates as things progress.

I should note that Murray has deployed an instance of Online Glom to work through the Openismus infrastructure. I’ve added a redirect so that links pointing to will be transparently passed on to

As for what’s next for me, my plan is to work on a couple of personal projects while I look for a new opportunity. I’m not sure exactly where my search will lead, but I’m looking forward to whatever new challenges my next projects present.

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